Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Will Happen Between Them

is Question 6, the last of the series.
You want to know events regarding any two persons.

The full question is “What will happen between them
in 3 months?” or whatever time you choose.
Stating the time is advisable but not necessary.
A 100% accurate psychic reading that will not happen
for 20 years ends up being not accurate. (This actually happened to me.)

Sometimes you want to know whether a certain thing
will happen in a certain time
instead of what will happen.
“Will they divorce by the end of the year?” is a good example.
In job interview inquiries,
or when you want to know
what is happening among members
of a group of people
(family, workers, friends, community, political body, etc.),
this question efficiently outlines the action.
If a squabble or a feud is afoot,
this question cuts to the chase and saves time.

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