Monday, August 31, 2009

Sloppy Joe as a Health Food???

Tough red meat cut into bite-sized pieces is what this recipe calls for.

You don't have to brown this meat, but you can. If you do, simply pour your favorite cooking oil into either a larger frying pan or one with higher sides that is as large in diameter as the fry pan, and move the meat around with a spatula, using medium to high heat. If you don't, just put the chunks of meat in the pot.

Peel a HEAD of jumbo garlic (Yes, you don't have to, no one will know in this recipe!) and put it in a blender. Pour in Lea and Perrins Woocestershire sauce. That is liquid in a paper-covered bottle, and is one of those things that you accept no substitute. Pour the black liquid just under the level of the garlic. 'Liquefy' is the setting to use, or the highest setting if it doesn't say 'liquefy.' If you are not using a blender, get the liquid and the solid as close to one entity as you can.

Pour this sludge over the meat. Stir for a while. When the heat has built up enough that you hear mating noises in the pan, pour burgundy wine high enough to cover all meat parts. Reduce the heat to simmer what is in the pot: probably low heat or just above. The wine should be nice and cheap, maybe from a jug. Keep an eye on your kingdom here: Test how soft the meat is getting. As long as it isn't soft, keep pouring the wine in over its head. It doesn't matter how much wine goes in - not a bit, or how long it takes to cook it down. Sooner or later, this mixture will become Sloppy Joe consistency.

This dish won't taste like garlic or Woostershire sauce, but it will be pungent. A little is filling.

This should be served over rice or noodles or buns. Steamed onions on top of it would be a palate-cleansing good thing.

Menopause: When You Stop Bleeding, You Start Breathing

Girls, you can cross 'change of life' off your bugaboo list right now!

As a counselor to women, I have yet to meet one dame who has been through it already who isn't happy to see those fertile days go. Menopause is kind of like pregnancy that way: Once the bleeding is over, you don't remember it any more and you're happy with the result. The way it is the opposite of pregnancy is obvious: You are free from attachment. You might just be ready to divorce and settle down with the person you like most: yourself!

And you don't need a dude, but you know what to do with him, and do it well, should one come along. This is one of the main reasons most dudes prefer younger women: Old dames are savvy; are hard sells. Older dames are more likely to have heard those lines a few times, and less likely to fall for the sales pitch: Not needing attention from the opposite gender, they can afford to be very choosy indeed because, after all, the man in their life is a luxury, not a necessity. Older dames expect him to get that horse up the glass mountian because they re the king's daughter; not that he is Prince Charming.

By the time she is 50ish, she usually has the stuff and the life she needs. She is not looking for a bill payer, most likely, but a companion. She is more likely to be content, and more likely feeling much healthier.

Best of all, often at this time in a woman's life, neurotic concerns about her looks, her weight, how she compares to other females in her circle, are so diminished as to be halfway nonexistent compared to what they were.

And she has thirty or so years to go on average: More years ahead than childbearing and school days combined!

The Placebo Effect: Claim It As Your Own

The laws of random distribution are not some theory; they are principles written in the same stone as the laws of physics. Actuaries, persons who calculate chances of things for a living, base your insurance premiums on the FACT that, when there is a hazard that could cause a disaster, the disaster actually happens only once in ten or eleven times. Risk management applies the same principle with an eye to preventing the disaster. This placebo effect is always there, reliably operating in the background.

Here is how the principle is applied. The risk manager of an airline knows that if the cargo door is compromised in flight, the vessel will crash if the hydraulic lines are damaged as a result of the door problem. Five incident reports of the door problem are on her desk. No hydraulic lines were hurt, and no crash has happened. The risk manager's call to action is to fix that door situation immediately on every airplane in the fleet every way that can be done. Why? Because only five or six incidents are left before a crash is due to happen. She knows the insurance carrier will be 'all over her' for not preventing the disaster in time, because that entity too operates on the laws of random distribution and its placebo principle; and those incident reports will be part of its investigation if there is a crash.

People are always saying "How could God let this happen?" when there's a catastrophe.* Well, nine or ten times, it didn't happen; and this is that next time. I propose the placebo effect is an underlying blessing built into earth events (I can't postulate for other locales, you know.) that, despite its hazards, only so much grief will actually happen here on our planet. ('God protects fools and drunks' might be a subdivision of this law.)

I further propose that you claim that underlying blessing specifically built into earth events - claim it individually for yourself as if it were there to be picked up and used, there for you to claim your share of it. Uh, it is: If you reasonably believe a certain behavior will fix the situation, and you do it, the situation will probably resolve itself.

Here is how the principle that believing something will fix it fixes it operates - three examples. The first is: Have you ever noticed that when you think of the perfect squelch or the perfect comeback to a repeating annoying situation, that situation never arises again? - that you don't get to apply your brilliant idea? This seems to be an unwritten law of the universe too. It too operates reliably: You solve the aggravating circumstance in your head, and it disappears from your everyday reality. Whether you had 'that look in your eye' that prevented the recurrence doesn't maatter: The principle operates.

The second example of 'If you reasonably believe a certain behavior will fix the situation, and you do it, the situation will probably resolve itself' is the fact that a percentage of people experience the benefit of pretend treatment in blind studies because of that pesky placebo effect. Sometimes the placeo effect benefit is stronger than the benefit of the testied real substance. Sometimes more people in the group get better without the medicine they think they are taking. (Hmmm, isn't that called faith?) My favorite instance of faith healing in the laboratory is the fact that many more women in the control group of a famous substance you paste on your scalp to grow hair did grow their hair than any others in all the test groups of that substance. The product is on the market now and is not recommended for dames.

The third example is that Janet, a restaurant owner, asked her psychic aabout her income; and each time over a period of some months, the psychic mentioned a recipe for lentil soup - a really good recipe. Her restaurant, she felt, was not the type to serve that. Janet took notes. She noticed the three mentions of the same recipe in those notes. She thought of the Bible story about the fellow whose sheep multiplied when he followed divine instructions . . . that did not work for other people's sheep. Maybe this was such an occasion, Janet postulated. She made the soup. It sold out quickly. And every time Janet made the soup, which was not on the menu and not advertised, she had about three times the customers and the soup sold out. She made it often, and it worked every time. Her restaurant was in an office building, and had elaborate smell barriers, so it wasn't the wafting of lentil perfum that drew the folks; it was word of mouth, it ws th placebo effect, and, yes, maybe it was my great recipe. But I did not remember telling her that recipe at all: It was she who put two and two together and came up with income. The kind of thing Janet experienced is a type of thing that happens all the time.

Are you thinking this does not make sense, how could it be? I thought so. Here is a reminder that reality often doesn't make sense; and that you can get mentally ill assuming it does and adjusting your thinking accordingly.

There are many examples of placebo miracles but no one has thought to harness the force, or even to recognize it as a force. (If someone wants to, I have a great and honest moneymaking idea along these lines!)

*Few people remember a gospel story in which people came to Jesus about a wall that had just fallen on people, killing them. "Were they the worst sinners in all Jerusalem?" "No," Jesus replied, "stuff just happens." Most religious people protest against this, "That's not in MY Bible."
There a

The Tennessee Expert

The lanky blond man bends to come in the door of the deposition room. I am there with my Stenograph set up ready to go. It's always best when an expert witness is the first to arrive: You can chitchat with him, put him at ease, find out what he is an expert in and how he talks, because you are responsible to write it down sensibly.

I ask for his curriculum vitae (a resume of sorts). Here is a list single-spaced in small print of a page and a half of death-defying stunts: Eve l Knievel he was.
Stuntman, fire jumper, demolition . . . and him barely thirty years old.
My mission is to put him at ease. I read every line of that curriculum vitae thinking of what to say. “So what are you afraid of,” I ask, meaning to infer he was afraid of nothing, and meaning to get him to speak.

My witness was one of those people who doesn't see humor, and who takes things therefore very literally. In his deep Tennessee drawl he answered my question earnestly: “A serious talk with a fee-male!” I could tell it was a particular female he spoke of. I could tell having a talk with me would rank in the same category as having a talk with her. (At least he isn't an expert in soil mechanics or flutter or revetment walls.)

I will always remember this scene. He speaks for all human males. Women are always plotting The Talk, whether The Talk is about 'our problem' or 'our serious relationship.' Women live for The Talk. But guys would rather jump into a forest fire or blow something up.

Maybe now you will remember this scene forever too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chicken Wing Drumettes

Barbecue Sauce Beneficial
Chicken Wing Drumettes

Easy barbecue sauce is not only healthful, not only easy, but it clings thickly to the food, isn't sugary, and is mouthwatering.

Get out your blender. Fetch a head of jumbo garlic, your best friend. Keep this a secret: You don't have to peel the individual cloves, no one will know! Put the cloves in the blender.

Shake a bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce: That is the one that has the antique-looking paper from top to bottom. Lea & Perrins is the ONLY Worcestershire sauce: It has tamarind and other magic ingredients. No substitutes. Pour the black liquid to just under the tips of the garlic cloves – which will probably be about a cup out of the bottle. (Garlic cloves are in the blender, remember?)

Liquefy into a thickly frothy black gunk. Black gold it is. This is your barbecue sauce. Just make what you will use each time. It does not taste like garlic or like Worcestershire sauce.
Chicken Wing Drumettes

Pour some of the sauce in a toaster-oven-size shallow pan. Put the package of chicken pieces close together but not crowding one another. Pour the rest of the sauce on them.

Bake in the oven at 350° for about half an hour. (This time is from memory, chicken wing drumettes don't live in the wilderness one-horse grocery store here. If you want to know whether food is done, just sniff: The smell happens when the food is ready most all the time.

This meal is wonderful served on white rice. Taken to a potluck dinner, it will be the first to go and everyone will want the recipe. Promise to give them my web addresses!

One package of chicken wing pieces will serve two or three souls.

Or they can be glorious hors d'oeuvres. Just add toothpicks.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bacon Flavored Red Meat Treat

Bacon flavored Red Meat Treat
you don't have to be a man to eat

Peel about half a head of garlic and leave it in tiny pieces in your food chopper. If you don't have a food chopper, get one – and for now just smash the garlic in a baggie with a hammer. This will motivate you to get a food chopper. I know this!

Cut any red meat into thin strips, have a little bacon grease handy to saute (fry) it in quickly later, in a fry pan of appropriate size. For now, keep it warm.

Take 3 slices of bacon, assuming you have at least two pounds of red meat, and cut them together in roughly one-inch squares, into a pan no more than medium heat. Kitchen scissors held over the pan is the best way to do this. While the bacon is slowly developing grease, separate the little pieces and chop one, two or three onions – depending on how much meat and how much patience you have.

Here is the best way to chop the onion: Get out a paper towel, fold it diagonally, put half an onion on it. Slice the half-onion fairly thinly one way, keeping it in one shape together, then turn the paper towel and slice the onion thinly the other way. Pick up the paper towel by the corners and walk it to the waiting pan. Do this with the other half-onion, and with however many other onions you choose to process. The best way to peel that onion is hold it in one hand and cut one end off with a knife in your other hand, go down that side leaving one or two layers of white, cut the next end off, go down the other side leaving the same one or two layers of white. You now have a circle of onion peel with white in it. Throw that out - although, if you are making soup, onion skin is good flavoring. You will get the hang of this quickly.
Now that the onion is meeting the grease in the pan, you can put a little curry on it if you wish. This would be for health more than for taste, in this recipe. If things get a little draggy in the pan, don't add more fat, add perhaps a little vinegar from a jar of jalapenos; water will do. When the onion is no longer obviously raw but is cooking away, dump the garlic en masse into the community in the pan. Stir every once in a while: Keep it moving.

You may now turn your attention to the other pan, where, if you remember, a moderate amount of bacon grease is warm and waiting. Increase its heat beyond medium but nowhere near high. You want it to sizzle moderately when a test strip of meat kisses it. When that temperature is reached, in goes all the red meat strips which you want to be cooked only enough to not be a raw color, but not browned either. In other words, this meat must be tender. So taste it as you cook it, and take it off the burner as soon as it is desirable to you. Obviously, you keep it moving to make this happen.

Serve the two together. It tastes even better than it sounds. You will see.

Variation would be to steam some mixed frozen vegetables, and either serve them separately here, or stir them at the last minute into the onion community. This recipe is guyfood, so the vegetables may offend – best served separately or not at all.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Work Impressive Chicken and Sweet Potato

No Work Impressive
Chicken and Sweet Potato

with no pot to scrub

You know those thin frozen cardboard chicken breasts that come in a heavy bag, that only a dieter would choose? Well, we are going to make them gourmet: This recipe makes your reputation!

Today you are exhausted and want a hot meal, not in a box. Okay, here's what you do before you hit the shower and the news and a drink: Turn the oven on to between 200° and 230°.
That is not a misprint.

Take out anything shaped like a frying pan. Put as many frozen chicken breast filets as will fit easily in it – usually 3 in a standard pan, but – whatever, it doesn't matter.

Shake up a can of sweet potatoes. Yes, them! Those waterlogged nasties you had to eat before you got old enough to fend for yourself. Never mind, trust me. Dump them into the pan, juice and all. Now, pick up the potato hunks and put them on top of the chicken slabs. That was the hard part.

Now, put dried pineapple pieces and dried apricot in the holes where there is no chicken, in the ocean of juice there. If you have the ambition, fresh ginger grated into this will make the candied-taste-to-come even more impressive. Maybe next time?

Into the oven with the pan, NOT COVERED. Now go take your shower, watch or read the news and have a drink of something.
Keep an eye on the oven project: Time is NOT of the essence, it is very flexible. Here's why:
The canned sweet potatoes, in the low heat, return to their former identities as sweet potato.
The juice concentrates, what with evaporation and the dried fruit sucking it up. The chicken is candied as the liquid thickens, and is tender because of the low oven temperature. This will keep longer than you would think in the refrigerator . . . if it even makes it into the refrigerator.

(The addition of vinegar could make this a sweet-and-sour dish, but I never tried it.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do It Yourself Diet That You Can't Cheat on That Makes YOU Happy

This is a Do It Yourself Diet
that You Can't Cheat on,
that makes YOU happy.

Spend two weeks deep in thought about what your favorite foods are. All your favorite foods. Including junk foods, alcohol . . . think, think, because we don't eat our favorite foods just like we don't live the life we would prefer. Example: You love canned pineapple, but classify it as a dessert, and you seldom eat desserts.

While you are thinking, eat up what is in the house and buy favorite foods, putting the ones you don't have to cook (or don't have to cook much) AT EYE LEVEL.

Next stage is two weeks of fitting favorite foods into the way you cook, if you cook – into your lifestyle; combining them together. Example: that pineapple blended with pureed garbanzo beans, relish, a little horseradish, and crushed pineapple put into pita bread with grated cheddar cheese.

While you are thinking the second two weeks, continue buying favorite foods and putting them where your eyes trip over them. You will walk into the kitchen hungry and not reach for junk you don't want; you will reach for what you truly do want. Don't forget the simplest things like lettuce and tomato sandwiches. (See my recipe for deviled egg sandwich.)

You ease into this diet; it takes time. Remember you are not consciously trimming calories or fat or any other thing unless you WANT to at the moment.

As you eat primarily the foods and the meals you enjoy, strange things happen. One, food ceases to be an issue: Anytime you want, you walk into your kitchen and eat something you like. As the food ceases to be an issue, you eat less: magic. Two, YOU BECOME HAPPY!!!!!!!!! Your body is happy, and it takes you with it. Not temporarily.

A happy consequence of this diet is your weight becomes what is normal for you. I invented this diet because I was so busy, not because I was so chubby. And I lost 12 pounds over a few weeks.
All these things happened to me when I did this, and to all others who did; but that is only a few souls. There's a rumor of a similar diet that simply says: Eat only what you want when you want it, don't eat out of boredom, etc. In this diet, you can eat out of any motive in your vocabulary.
One day on this diet, I ate a huge bag of potato chips and three beers, in the sun sitting on a picnic table on a perfect day when the phone did not ring. I did not cheat on my diet that day, and I was soooo happy. I ate nothing else. I still remember that day.

Don't think of this as a "diet": It combines with any other eating routine you encounter; you simply choose only foods that are compatible with your "diet diet."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ranch News

Ranch News: An invasion of starving rattlesnakes this year: skinny aggressive ones of all ages, which suggests they are not born here. Emily's idea is the ranch across the street has sprayed for insect and mouse infestation (which also kills snakes) and the snakes are refugees. Marielitos.

The ranch across the street is a thousand acres, twice our size.

Rattlesnakes have killed two baby peafowl. They are all around that pen. We will try to put the pigs in the peafowl pen . . . hope they don't burrow out followed by the birds. Pigs eat snakes. Hmm, pigs eat everything. And they like to root around in soil, which obliterates the tunnels the snakes make.

And you thought you had problems.

Stay tuned.

September 1, 2009: Update

Duh, the pigs would also eat their eggs. So we have the pigs in the area around their pens outside of them. Oh, my, I am told there are rattlesnake parts all over that pen, and, yes, the porkers are digging the snakes right out of their holes. The last baby pea is alive and well.

Garlic Ginger Butter

with Marjoram &
grape seed oil
This is a spread to die for, a spreadable butter that is healthful. This is a pasta dressing to live for. It makes half a Wolferman's sour dough English muffin a rich meal. This is also what to cook just about anything in, and it will be outstanding. It even tastes different on different foods it is cooked with. It raises the smoke point of butter because grape seed oil (which is tasteless and therefore the butter taste is fully present!) has a smoke point of 450° - so your butter does not burn in that usual nanosecond.
It is healthful because the butter is Vitamin A and choline as well as riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid;
the grape seed oil is both Omegas (3 and 6) and Vitamin E;
the marjoram is Vitamins A, C, K, B-6, folate, and calcium, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese;
ginger is fiber, Vitamins E, B-6, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium and manganese. Benefits of ginger are legendary, including aiding digestion (anti-nausea for chemotherapy, etc.), aiding joint health and combating arthritis, being anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Respiratory benefits of all sorts, including for asthma, sore throat and clearing of sinuses and lungs.
(These are only the headlines; there are other benefits to the ingredients – including feeling good after you eat them!)
Soften One Pound of Unsalted butter by leaving it out of the refrigerator. Put it in a bowl you can mix in. Salted butter is a poor substitute.
Select a head of jumbo garlic
Chop an equal-sized chunk of fresh ginger root (not an old fibrous one, a nice new one!) in the chopper and leave it there. (Slice the ginger into smaller pieces before you put it in the chopper, because ginger is tough.)
Chop a head (not a clove!) of jumbo garlic in your food chopper and leave it in there with its ginger buddy. These guys get along very well.
(The ginger went into the chopper first because, being tougher, it should be the one to get some additional chopping if that happens.)
Mix 1/3 cup of grape seed oil into the butter
Into the same bowl put the garlic and ginger duo from the chopper;
Add 1/3 cup to ½ cup dried marjoram, and mix well, whether you use a fork, a wire whip, or a mixer. You can substitute dry parsley (Make sure it is fresh and green, not old.) Or you can use both marjoram and parsley. The marjoram adds to the flavor, the parsley's taste gets lost in the spices, so the marjoram is a better choice for taste. Marjoram tastes minty; it is in “summer savory” spice mixes. It has magnesium in it.
NOW YOU MUST FREEZE OR REFRIGERATE! Put only a small amount of this recipe at a time at room temperature! The reason is: When you put any fresh ingredient into oil, anaerobic bacteria which is colorless, odorless and tasteless and very harmful can form. Be very careful any time you mix fresh ingredients into butter or oil to not leave it at room temperature for very long, and to not store it a long time in the refrigerator.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ginger Honey Soy Coffee

You would never know coffee is under all this when you are done. Even if you don't like coffee, you will adore this. Forget those $5 lattes. The Cowboy Bible says “Drink thy coffee hot and strong and black,” but all the cowboys but one that I served this to approved.
It's not just the taste. Even if you drink decaffeinated coffee, this brew will energize you, warm you, get your blood moving and boost your metabolism. It feels like breakfast, too. Both ginger and honey are anti-inflammatory. Ginger is in weight loss products and arthritis remedies and respiratory aids. Both ginger and honey contain vitamin C.
This is a winter drink. The powdered ginger warms the body core; the ginger extract warms the skin.
See the label of Silk Soy Milk for all its glories.
Start with a cup of hot coffee.
Dip a spoon in honey and stir in what comes with it.
Next stir in somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of powdered ginger. You will discover how much you prefer. At near a tablespoon, you will find the liquid accepts only so much ginger; it precipitates out.
Reheat the coffee unless you like tepid brew. A minute or less in the microwave.
Stir in ½ cup of Silk Vanilla Soy Milk.
This is habit forming.
Another version is making it with ginger extract and stevia (a natural herb that sweetens, that aids blood sugar – and so does honey).
Either version of this recipe is also gorgeous as cold coffee.

Over Easy Scallion Eggs

6 or so young fresh scallions (green onions) which you have chopped
go onto a plate and briefly (maybe 5 minutes?) into the microwave to precook them (wilt them)
Meanwhile, in a nonstick pan on medium heat, grape seed oil (no flavor to clash, high Vitamin E, A, Omega 3 and 6, high smoke point!) is getting acquainted with tiny pieces of red onion: Shave that onion, about an inch of it, into thin slices and then cut the stack of slices one way in close-together incisions, then cut it in the opposite direction. Watchful waiting.
When the red onion is tender, the green onion joins it in the hot grape seed oil. Put a sprinkle of curry over it with your blessing. Let it be while the flavors marry. You will know the moment. The smell is a clue.
Now break eggs (your favorite number, suitable to the pot and the amount of onion) over the top. Let that cook, and not overcook, because here comes a (well-greased with spray) second nonstick fry pan to the rescue. You have peeked under there to see that it is time to turn the eggs, of course. Now you flip one pan into the other. Both are greased, so there is room to scoot the mixture over if the flip maneuver wasn't perfect. Again, you do peek under to see when it is time to flip the eggs back into Pan 1 so they are “right side up” and serve the meal to some lucky eaters who will want more.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What I, An Analytical Psychic, Can Do For You

Let me introduce myself to you a little.
I am an analytical psychic, a logical life coach with
“street cred” and creative solutions that fit you.

I am 100% accurate on how anyone thinks and feels
about you, about anyone or anything else . . . at any
YOU DEAL WITH! I tell you how best to deal with them
to accomplish your purpose. I tell you what they will do
and how that makes sense to them. YES, I DO THIS!
And I do this not just in love relationships, but also in
any area of life. It is very useful in business and legal
matters, and in investigations. And it applies to pets
and other animals as well.

Emily is 100% accurate on all HIS VIEW © questions,
in detail, with no information from you:
---*currently, back then, or some time ahead;
---* or at a particular incident;
---*consciously or instinctually;
---*individuals or groups and in
All types of relationships such as job interviews,
job security, neighbors, strangers, investigations,
family, lawyers and judges in lawsuits, doctors
- and of course, lovers and love interests of all stripes.

----------------WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU

Well, what would make life easier right now?
Where are you now and where do you want to be?
What is it you want to prevent? - to accomplish?
Who are you now, and is that who you want to be?

Would knowing why they act the way they do help?

Right now there is something that, if you know it,
you would be at ease, something that persists in
the back of your mind like an itch - an itch for an
Answer. Together we find and scratch, we get to
that answer. Together we dissect that uneasiness
in such a way that it’s your hands that are on its
controls, and you have Attitude that Works.

Because you know why they act the way they do.

For starters,
in 12 minutes at $3.75 per minute. -----------*3. WHAT YOU DO TO MAKE IT HAPPEN

----------------------12 minutes at $3.75 per minute is $45.
----------------------This is the best $45 you ever spend.

OTHERS in 12 minutes at $3.75 per minute.----- *6. WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN THEM

What You Can Do For Animals at the Sanctuary


Emily’s elk and other animals (deer, goats, pigs, llamas, horses, peafowl of all colors, geese, ducks, wildlife and wild birds) live on her 503 acres in the ruggedest rockiest part of the Rocky Mountains, the part elk like the best.

So how does a court reporter end up supporting a game sanctuary by psychic telephone counseling, you say? Well, a man of course.

The ranch was Husband’s dream, his kingdom after years of being a criminal lawyer. It was all his, it was a man thing, a hunting ranch.

And then he was killed and it was Emily’s to run. That was in 1996 when the place became a sanctuary for animals that costs $200,000 most years to run without Husband’s dawn-to-dusk free honest labor.

The elk herd is 7 times the number it was then. The price of hay and grain has more than doubled. For all these years drought has prevented growing them their own grass. If it rains again next year, grass hay may grow. Pray for rain and grass to grow.

That $200,000 that runs the ranch comes from you who call Emily for her psychic insight and her analysis of the people you are dealing with in your life. She will make it worth your while to make their lives worthwhile. You buy the animals their life, their lives are good because of you, and your life is good because of their needs.

Each September comes two tractor-trailer loads of good alfalfa hay for the winter plus multiple tons of GRAIN to keep their bodies warm and healthy. So call me in August and early September a lot - please!

And, yes, you can give without getting a psychic reading, give any amount you prefer.


High-tensile fencing, cross-braced with heavy cable under tension, made of 12-foot logs 5 inches in diameter and put 4 feet into the ground 10 feet apart: That is what the elk’s 17-acre pens are made of. Made out of money, those fences - money and lots of expert heavy labor. Fencing is a never-ending task.

An $81,000 backhoe that does the work of several heavy equipment is already paid for.

Restoring the pasture that the drought ruined is the next big challenge. And renovating the haying equipment that has been setting unused. These are the big items, but things like buying special seed to plant for deer pop up incessantly. Life on a ranch is never dull.

All the animals get veterinary care, even the lowly ducks. The elk are inspected yearly by the Good Guys at the Department of Agriculture.

Elk live in real elk habitat. There are streams for water. There is natural brush for shade in summer and windbreak in winter.

Elk are friendly but not tame. They grow old and die as family and as friends . . . and foes. There are 50 of them now and more babies on the way. Pictures of newborns are what we wish for, for you.

In the center of all the animal pens is Emily’s house, a stagecoach stop made of red hand-hewn squared logs around 1850. It is the house your children draw but two snug stories. Back when it was built, it was the stage coach stop, fort, bar, restaurant, court house and whore house in an uncivilized outpost so remote that Lewis and Clark got lost nearby and in-breeding was the order of the day and still is. When Emily moved in, it was haunted.

You name a wildlife and we have it around here somewhere. The wolves are busy eating up the wild elk, deer, antelope, sage grouse, bunnies, muskrats, foxes and chukkars - even the coyotes are no longer seen. The mountain goats probably get out of their way. This place is where our lovely government released wolves before the ones they admitted they released. But those bears are probably safe from the wolves. Are the wildcats? Oh, and we have LOTS of rattlesnakes and some bull snakes to keep us company. Will the new rattlesnakes - the skinny aggressive ones that appeared as refugees from the thousand-acre ranch across the street - get Terry who feeds the animals? Will they (please) discourage the wolves? How many rattlesnakes will the bull snakes get rid of? This is life in the wilderness, folks!

Some chukkars are left, I am told. They are exotic-looking brown and beige birds with black Egyptian-looking eye markings, about the size of pigeons. I wish they would come down by the house again. They are hiding in the elk pen - hiding from the wolves.

Owls, including the gray owl that is four feet tall, used to be more plentiful. I think eating the stray cats made them ill. We have some hawks, mainly red tails. They used to fly into windows. Are they wiser, or did they move on?

I even met a badger once. Those guys are rude. Very rude.

Of course there are dogs and cats. The cats are descendants of natural feral ones that were visited often by Persian fellows: an interesting pride they are. Four hardworking Great Pyrenees guard the other animals and the place, keep the wolves at bay, and love everyone. And Li’l Dude, a Sheppard and Pit Bull mix who was a starving abused stray at a truck stop convenience store on an Indian reservation, is the house puppy. No one would guess he is 12 years old. He runs with the Pyrenees and keeps up! He has seen much and still has faith, but he worries about all of us.

Last but not least is Turkey, a sparrow who hatched himself when the flock abandoned its nests. He leaped onto the dirt in the peafowl pen, a neonate (newborn), SIX YEARS AGO. Sparrows live 18 to 24 months. He is 3 times his life expectancy, and ever happy with his life.

Every two hours around the clock for six weeks Emily fed Turkey hand-strained vegetables and Exact gruel. Every morsel had to be 105° in each syringe full he ate. “Turkey” was supposed to be a temporary name, because Mama-Emily had to stuff him. But it became permanent when the bird baby wanted to play with the kittens that were born the same day he was. A bird expert, the same lady who taught me how to bring him up, told me he was entitled to think the cats were members of his flock, but that still made him a Turkey.


You can join in the life of the Sanctuary.

* You can email individually each photograph in the gallery to your friends.

* There will be new recipes, tips and articles frequently that you can share with others. Always something new here. The recipes make good reading even if you don’t have a kitchen.

* You can investigate how verbatim tarot works by downloading some 4-card spreads that demonstrate the fascinating process. Great mental exercise, reading tarot verbatim.

* You can purchase an email question or several.

* You can read the blogs of longtime clients, hear some of them speak. There will always be a poem posted that Emily wrote. You can check out the books Emily recommends.

* You can donate anything you want to.

* You can telephone for a psychic reading session with Emily. It is $3.75 per minute, and 95% of that goes to support the animal sanctuary one way or the other. This is a very serious endeavor. See “What I Can Do For You” for information about psychic readings. Email _____________ and leave your contact telephone number (or email) and Emily (or Billijo the Secretary) will get in touch with you.

Enjoy the pictures of the animals here.

About Emily

About Emily
to whom you will be talking when you call

In business as her own psychic counseling company since 1993, with the same phone number, that she herself answers. (This indicates she is probably not a crook.)

Advertised in Cosmopolitan magazine as a psychic since 1993. (probably not a crook)

Technical court reporter 25 years; owned her own office in a major city. (definitely not)

Lives simply and works for the animals 12-15 hours a day 365 or so days a year. Would love to make that less! Has a book or two she would like to write.

Is a poet. And a wit. And a creative cook: All the recipes you see on this site are original discoveries.

Supports the elk ranch since 1991; has run it as a sanctuary since 1996.

Is incredibly well-read. Taught herself to read, unaided, beginning around 3 or 4 years of age; read systematically through the Dewey Decimal System in major libraries while a schoolgirl. In your psychic reading, information sometimes shows up from the darnedest places.

Is spiritually insightful for you. Called to major mystical work before 1979 but had mystical abilities and experiences since infancy. Has a gift which is infectious of dealing effectively with reality by not taking it too seriously. Has a talent for relevant but irreverent humorous analogy: for making one thing clear quickly by comparing it to something else entirely in a witty story you will remember. As a matter of fact, it is usually refreshing to talk to Emily. Clients often say they feel better whether the news is happy or not.

Emily is not the psychic you are used to. She isn't hearing or seeing things, has no spirit guide, no new age or moralistic dogma to impose, and she doesn't tune in to you but to whatever you are dealing with. She doesn't care whether you follow the advice, she is selling you the information, for you to do with as you choose: It's yours.

She needs absolutely no information from you about you or about others: no birthday, no name even.

And her answers are literal direct detailed answers to specific questions. She is reading tarot verbatim and accessing directly the consciousness (the heart, gut and soul) of the people you deal with. She accesses them via your voice, as court reporters do instinctively.

She discovered the tarot verbatim formula as a result of science lectures on Consistent Violators of the Laws of Random Distribution. So she comes to psychic reading by a back door, a logical analytical back door. (Tarot is one of five known consistent violators of those laws.)

Many of her clients are psychics because she has no trouble tuning in to them because she doesn't do that. She does use your voice; but she can answer questions other people ask you to ask her, and answer questions about people who are unknown to you, people you haven't met. She is good with theoretical “what if” questions too.

Just about all the money you spend here supports the animals. The critters have it good here because of you. And if the income doubled, all the money would still go to the sanctuary: A ranch is worse than a yacht that way.

His View Of You

All HIS VIEW© answers are 100% accurate,
in detail, with no information from you.


is Question 1: “How does he (your person of
interest) think and feel about you in his heart,
his gut, his soul? - his inner thoughts expressed
in his own words from his perspective. You will
recognize it’s him all right. Since my method is
based on verbatim meanings, sometimes his
exact words are in your answer!
This answer lays bare his motives, intentions and
attitudes. I read the minds of the people you
focus on - and then of the people they focus on
. . . and on down the line . . . in detail with no
information from you. And I read their minds
about any situation, not just love; and I read
the minds of any group of people you deal with:
the people in power at work, your friends, your
lover’s friends, the family, the people who will
be at the, say, wedding or graduation.

This first question tells you what use he has for you,
how he feels you fit into his life or don’t.
With this answer, now you know the dynamics
of the relationship you are in, or want to be in,
or would have been in.

Now you know why he acts the way he does.

HIS VIEW OF YOU© is useful not just in love
matters but in job interviews you haven’t yet
been to, performance evaluation meetings,
presentations you give to clients.
It is useful for dealing effectively with coworkers,
friends, neighbors, strangers, antagonists of all stripes
- anybody about anything!

Question 1 identifies motives of unknown persons
as well as people you have met or know of.
So it is useful in “Will I find someone?” questions
and even in investigations. “What is the motive of
the person or people who did this?” often tells you
who the culprit is or at least leads a trail to him.

One HIS VIEW OF YOU© question averages 4 or 5 minutes.
You can ask about specific time spans.
You can ask about a specific incident or subject:
(“What was he thinking when he put the flowers
in the toilet and said he loved me?” or
“What does he think of my looks?” or
“What does he think of me in his conscious aware mind?”
- rather than in his heart, gut and soul
which I usually access for you.)

What He Will Do

-------------------WHAT HE WILL DO

Is Question 2: What You Will See Him Do,
between you and him, in the next, say 3 months
in the real world of action. Or you can ask
What Will He Do in the 3 months? - whichever you prefer.
Psychic prediction can seem wrong if you don’t know it did happen.
Of course, you can ask both forms if you choose.

The first question is “What is he thinking.”
The second question is “What will he do?”
There could be a surprise here: What he thinks
he is going to do may not be what he does.
(Imagine that!)
Nevertheless, Question 2 builds on Question 1:
First his motive, and then what he does.
For example, if he loves you more than he is comfortable
with, he may run away for a while (or forever).
If this is the case, then Question 3 will tell you
to be very casual, not intense, to say
“Give me a drag off what you’ve been smoking”
when he says “How many babies is we gonna have?”

Maybe you really want to know whether he will
or will not do something you have in mind,
rather than just what he will do. Here is where to ask that.
“Will he call me tomorrow?” or
“Will he move in before the end of the year?” or
“Will he leave the other woman while I’m still interested in him?” or
“Will they hire me before the interview with the next job opportunity?”

Note we specify the time and let the answer be about action.
Asking “when” is unrewarding. “When” is - from the point of view
of out there somewhere, where psychics or tarot gets the answers -
just the movement of planets, which is unrelated to the narrative story.
The source does not correlate the two, no matter how we whine.
Just live with it!

Question 3, What He Will Do, does not have to be about
your love interest at all;
it can be about a lawsuit,
a runaway pet,
the decision job interviewers will make,
or whether the doctor chooses to operate.

Some situations are more random than others,
and some things don’t appear on the radar as well as others.
(Beginning to use drugs is one of those.)
So this question is subject to revision and caprice
more than the others; it is less accurate, in a sense.
And some people, believe me, change every few seconds:
If you are following someone who is lost,
your movements make as little sense as his! but you are still where you are supposed to be.

What You Do To Make It Happen


is Question 3. This is strategy: What you do and don't do;
what you say and don't say; who you be and don't be . . .
to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Question 1 is how he is thinking and feeling;
Question 2 is the story of what happens;
Question 3 is what works here for you.

These 3 questions work together to analyze one relationship.
The way the three interlace and interrelate, you remember the material.
They work together in such a way that you usually grasp – eureka! -
why the answer to "What You Do to Make It Happen,"#3,
would be effective behavior on your part,
and how you can really pull it off. (“Sure I can do this.”)

Oftentimes the answer is to keep doing what you are doing.
An intuitive feel will cause you to do what works without
knowing why it works: This answer tells you the why:
What a relief!

Sometimes what works makes no sense, so the answer is a surprise.
Here, the Law of Unintended Consequences
is alive and well and working in your favor.
Haven't some of your most brilliant moves
been accidental, unintended or even blunders?
And sometimes when you are playing it so straight,
the comedian wins?

Strategy has a logic of its own, an intuitive logic.

Question 3 is the one that tells you what to do and say,
who to be, when you have that meeting
with the boss after lunch;
when you attend the Thanksgiving dinner from hell with relatives;
when there's a madman to live with;
when the baby begins to hang out of the crib;
when you have choices
and you want to know
which is the better or the best course.


Let's say you have choices:
jobs, cities, love interests,
places to move to,
what to wear to the wedding . . .
anything, large or small.
The Question is:

"Looking back after (you choose a time or several different times),
how will I feel about my life
if I choose A; if I choose B?"

The answer is from your own view
of what will have happened.
(The answer takes into account
unforeseen events, things you will discover only in retrospect.)

His View Of Her

is Question 4. You have a primary relationship
with your Person of Interest, and you want to
know how your Person of Interest feels about
another person.
Or you want to know how your Person of Interest
feels about the friends/family who are interfering.
Or you want to know how
your Person of Interest feels about the job
opportunity that will cause him to move away
from where you live.

It doesn't have to be love. Maybe you want to
know how the judge feels about their case;
how your child feels about the pusher;
how your neighbors are disposed toward your
zoning variance application;
how elderly parents are disposed toward
a ne'er-do-well relative who is
pressuring them to make a change in the Will.
Even how Baby likes the new crib,
or how kitty is adjusting to life in the new home,
or how son is adjusting to life in college . . . is he sober???
- or How your child really feels about the other
custodial parent.

Is your pet missing? This answer will look
through the eyes of the animal and tell you how
she or she experiences the enviromment and the
people around him/her.

So Question 4 is a flexible useful tool. You get
into the mind, heart, gut and soul – into the
inner thoughts – of your Person of Interest
regarding the problem person, regarding the
problem thing . . . regarding the interfering
factor in your life.

The minds of persons unknown to you can also
be accessed in this Question 4. We can ask the
motive of culprit/perpetrator. We can ask the
unknown thief why he/she stole (it), and the
answer, which is in that person's words, usually
expresses that guilty party's personality. We can
ask the deceased victim's view of what happened
to him or her (or it). Then we can ask the
unknown mugger or murderer what he/she did
or what happened. This process has been
extremely accurate in the hands of Emily.

Her View Of Him

-----------HER VIEW OF HIM

is Question 5, and is Question 2 of the second series,
the one about relationships between and among others.
Now we are looking into the friend of a friend,
what that person's perspective is about
- and what that person feels about -
your Person of Interest.
This answer enriches your knowing
the dynamics of their relationship,
your knowing why he acts the way he does,
and, uh, 'what she sees in him.'

More often than you would think,
the Other Woman is dallying with your Dude,
and he is just escaping the pressures
of an intense relationship with you, his primary.
Getting upset is a waste of time.

The relationship we find the dynamics of
does not have to involve
someone you know or are interested in.
It could be 'What is going on between the boss
and that mysterious visitor or his/her assistant.'
It could be about neighbors or relatives.
It could even be an investigation.

Sometimes, just being nosy.

The View questions don't have to stop at this point.
Emily can go on down the line –
which can be useful in group dynamics,
like when you want to know about
a gang or a passel of coworkers
or the members of the manpack your guy hangs out with.
Want to know how she feels about her husband,
and her husband feels not only about her,
but about his girlfriend, his mother and his pastor?
Not a problem.

His View of Her and Her View of Him are twin inquiries.
You get similar information when you ask
'the dynamics of their relationship'
but you get more psychology with the twin questions.
You can ask both ways, of course.

What Will Happen Between Them

is Question 6, the last of the series.
You want to know events regarding any two persons.

The full question is “What will happen between them
in 3 months?” or whatever time you choose.
Stating the time is advisable but not necessary.
A 100% accurate psychic reading that will not happen
for 20 years ends up being not accurate. (This actually happened to me.)

Sometimes you want to know whether a certain thing
will happen in a certain time
instead of what will happen.
“Will they divorce by the end of the year?” is a good example.
In job interview inquiries,
or when you want to know
what is happening among members
of a group of people
(family, workers, friends, community, political body, etc.),
this question efficiently outlines the action.
If a squabble or a feud is afoot,
this question cuts to the chase and saves time.

How Tarot Analysis Supports The Path:

ABOUT SPIRITUAL GROWTH or personal development:

It is an act of will – a decision, that's all – that starts a person on the mystic path of being one with the Almighty. After that initiation, it is events of the person's life, and the “voice in your gut” that are the training, the lessons. Seeing a pattern in the events of your life is seeing your path. The focus of your path is what you do, not what you believe: God wants you to think or believe in whatever motivates you ahead in your growth. (It's not the dogma, it's the doing.) Ignored lessons recur in ever harsher more obvious forms!

The most valuable and delectable parts of a human, from God's point of view, are the dark parts: the petty self-interest, the “looking out for Number One.” Self-interest limits you and gums up the works in God's cosmos. Transmuting the self-interest is enlightenment, is a victory for light over darkness to you; and to God it is His cleaner house. As time and events go by, you become less focused on your physical life and are more “out there” in your perspective.

A lot of your work as one of God's people is done in the nonphysical realms in your sleep. At some point you are trained – by the events of your life - to accomplish and support events God wills, sometimes by channeling them. You get to keep some of the talents you develop in the endeavor of supporting or accomplishing the events God wills. Psychic insight is often one of those abilities you keep.

Gradually your will (your willpower) is becoming God's will as you and God become one; and God's will is almighty . . . because He has His finger on the triggers of coincidence . . . so you gradually become able to make things happen. You create events nonphysically. This is the great spiritual truth and is The Great Work, the Mystery. Being one with God and giving up the petty part of your individuality is . . .duh . . . a net gain.

The analysis of the events of your life in your tarot session with Emily clarifies what is REALLY at issue in your life, clarifies what your next step in Spiritual Growth or Personal Development is. And when the issues are clarified, you waste less time on what is not-so-important. We humans have only so much time, so we go much farther with clear light on our path one step at a time. The next step up is all you need to know. The rest is dogma.

Sea Sickness Of The Mind

Seasickness hits you when your body tells your brain one thing, and your eyes tell it another, about how you are oriented in space relative to the horizon. There is another kind of seasickness that is psychological. It distorts reality in a similar fashion, and it too makes us sick. It is subtle but not entirely below conscious awareness: We can catch ourselves at it. It happens ya never know when. It gets you when the mood does not match the moment.

I discovered this distortion of reality in action one day when I found tears on my cheeks on a day when I was really, really happy, and everything was going swell. “Okay, what's up?” I asked myself. I tuned in to this experience.

What I discovered – ta-da! – is this: While “I” was so very happy, my body was not; it was deeply sad. At that moment, I could have attached that sad feeling to something going on around me, could have concluded my job was depressing. I knew my body chemistry was out of whack at the time: the doctor told me my estrogen level was 800 times normal and other hormones were in balance at that level. Is it that knowledge that led me to delve into the experience?

It hit me then and has never left me: That our mind goes around assuming life makes sense at any given moment, assumes that our feelings arise from what is going on at that given moment. (Well, that is usually true for most of us.) We assume life makes sense this way, so when our body chemistry creates an inappropriate mood or feeling, we twist our minds and change our opinions to match or attach the feeling to whatever is happening at the time. Believing that reality makes sense is one cause of mental illness?

It is as if we had a pocketful of labels in our “feeling bin.” Painting that 'depressing' label on the job would prompt my mind – as time went on and as other things happened - to invent ways the job was depressing to validate the label the initial experience painted on there. A snowball effect, a cascade of assumptions and conclusions, would have occurred. I would be more miserable at work than warranted. The label is like a color filter on a camera: everything looks rosy or blue or scary.

At least some of the people who are hostile unreasonably had angry body chemistry sometime ago, and attached the 'angry' label to everything some time ago, and lost focus. They are stuck on angry. Some people are stuck on stupid and feel inadequate inappropriately. Some people are stuck on feeling secure and are inappropriately trusting. COULD I JUST PLEASE GET STUCK ON BEING SENSIBLE?????

Another example of this pernicious process is “I am not good at that, I can't do that.” Of course, sometimes it is “I am so good at that” because it was a good day when I first tried. Let's say I am doing a particular thing . . . cutting up vegetables . . . and my psyche is irritated. I conclude that I hate cutting up vegetables. After that, I am annoyed when I 'have to' make a salad. Let's say I am feeling disagreeable because my tummy is upset, and it's raining outside. I conclude rain is a bad thing. Really? Let's say I am angry and a certain person walks in. I must not like that person. Really? Let's say my brain has bathed my endocrine system with nesting urges, and I fall in love with the next warm body I encounter? Really?????!!!!!

Losing the labels (or the colored filters) is a challenge: Most of our conclusions are valid. You have to catch yourself in the act of slapping one of those labels inappropriately on an experience. And you have to question how you really feel about . . . whatever . . . and why. Is that what 'living in the moment' is about?

Oh, how liberating it is to unravel these inappropriate conclusions. It is like losing a bad religion, like recovering from a disease. Now we realize we like a color that we thought we didn't like because, when we were a kid . . . .

Open Face Vegetarian Chili Orgy

Oil warms in a large fry pan, getting acquainted with half a head of jumbo garlic that left the food processor finely honed. A bunch of green onions (white and green, whole body) are getting chopped while the other ingredients get together in that pan, and the onions soon join in the warm oil simmer. So do some jalapeno slices from a bottle, if you like those guys. When the onions are a darker shade of green, it is time to call the chili in from the can: Nally's vegetarian with soy! Fewer calories, same taste.

While the chili is settling in, pepper jack cheese (almost an inch of 4-inch square brick) is sliced thinly enough, and then the slices are put in a bundle and cut all the way through – cut to the depth of the stuff in the pan - so they make thin squares you pull apart and put into the chili upright, not flat – standing up, not lying down. This will thicken the sauce. While the cheese is slowly melting into the community, drain a can of stewed tomatoes (Drink that good juice!) and put the big chunks of cooked tomato on top.

Let them all be for a while. They will create a little too much water. By now the cheese is melted, so you can stir everybody together. Put two big slices of whole grain bread – preferably the kind with chunks of grain in the slice – into the mix. Spoon the chili on top of the bread.

Serves two or three very happy people.

The Party (a poem)

the king at the party was shy as usual,

the nobles came to believe he was snobbish.

a peasant from out of town crashed the party,

and, ignorant, became the king's best buddy.

she was just sitting there unleashed and open.

His Honor dropped by for a casual chat.

a word from him and he universe sputtered:

How was a foreigner to know all that?