Sunday, August 9, 2009

Her View Of Him

-----------HER VIEW OF HIM

is Question 5, and is Question 2 of the second series,
the one about relationships between and among others.
Now we are looking into the friend of a friend,
what that person's perspective is about
- and what that person feels about -
your Person of Interest.
This answer enriches your knowing
the dynamics of their relationship,
your knowing why he acts the way he does,
and, uh, 'what she sees in him.'

More often than you would think,
the Other Woman is dallying with your Dude,
and he is just escaping the pressures
of an intense relationship with you, his primary.
Getting upset is a waste of time.

The relationship we find the dynamics of
does not have to involve
someone you know or are interested in.
It could be 'What is going on between the boss
and that mysterious visitor or his/her assistant.'
It could be about neighbors or relatives.
It could even be an investigation.

Sometimes, just being nosy.

The View questions don't have to stop at this point.
Emily can go on down the line –
which can be useful in group dynamics,
like when you want to know about
a gang or a passel of coworkers
or the members of the manpack your guy hangs out with.
Want to know how she feels about her husband,
and her husband feels not only about her,
but about his girlfriend, his mother and his pastor?
Not a problem.

His View of Her and Her View of Him are twin inquiries.
You get similar information when you ask
'the dynamics of their relationship'
but you get more psychology with the twin questions.
You can ask both ways, of course.

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