Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Over Easy Scallion Eggs

6 or so young fresh scallions (green onions) which you have chopped
go onto a plate and briefly (maybe 5 minutes?) into the microwave to precook them (wilt them)
Meanwhile, in a nonstick pan on medium heat, grape seed oil (no flavor to clash, high Vitamin E, A, Omega 3 and 6, high smoke point!) is getting acquainted with tiny pieces of red onion: Shave that onion, about an inch of it, into thin slices and then cut the stack of slices one way in close-together incisions, then cut it in the opposite direction. Watchful waiting.
When the red onion is tender, the green onion joins it in the hot grape seed oil. Put a sprinkle of curry over it with your blessing. Let it be while the flavors marry. You will know the moment. The smell is a clue.
Now break eggs (your favorite number, suitable to the pot and the amount of onion) over the top. Let that cook, and not overcook, because here comes a (well-greased with spray) second nonstick fry pan to the rescue. You have peeked under there to see that it is time to turn the eggs, of course. Now you flip one pan into the other. Both are greased, so there is room to scoot the mixture over if the flip maneuver wasn't perfect. Again, you do peek under to see when it is time to flip the eggs back into Pan 1 so they are “right side up” and serve the meal to some lucky eaters who will want more.

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