Monday, August 31, 2009

Menopause: When You Stop Bleeding, You Start Breathing

Girls, you can cross 'change of life' off your bugaboo list right now!

As a counselor to women, I have yet to meet one dame who has been through it already who isn't happy to see those fertile days go. Menopause is kind of like pregnancy that way: Once the bleeding is over, you don't remember it any more and you're happy with the result. The way it is the opposite of pregnancy is obvious: You are free from attachment. You might just be ready to divorce and settle down with the person you like most: yourself!

And you don't need a dude, but you know what to do with him, and do it well, should one come along. This is one of the main reasons most dudes prefer younger women: Old dames are savvy; are hard sells. Older dames are more likely to have heard those lines a few times, and less likely to fall for the sales pitch: Not needing attention from the opposite gender, they can afford to be very choosy indeed because, after all, the man in their life is a luxury, not a necessity. Older dames expect him to get that horse up the glass mountian because they re the king's daughter; not that he is Prince Charming.

By the time she is 50ish, she usually has the stuff and the life she needs. She is not looking for a bill payer, most likely, but a companion. She is more likely to be content, and more likely feeling much healthier.

Best of all, often at this time in a woman's life, neurotic concerns about her looks, her weight, how she compares to other females in her circle, are so diminished as to be halfway nonexistent compared to what they were.

And she has thirty or so years to go on average: More years ahead than childbearing and school days combined!

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