Thursday, April 8, 2010

The web site is abirthing! Next week, probably.

Newletter with calendars went out bulk snailmail. People who call have received theirs in only two days, compared to two weeks or more when we paid $2.50 postage instead of 47 cents! It took us from November until end of March to get the local inbred post office to let Idaho Elk have a bulk mail account. Gee, we called Washington and the State capital, and the postmistress herself (someone 'not born in these parts') to personally do the process with us; and two people were fired some way or another. OK? That is why you are receiving calendars in March/April.

Go to, then go to my Expert Page by typing in Emily Erickson-Sandstrom for the name, Idaho for the location and Tarot for the subject. On my Expert Page is a list of all the articles, about 50 of them. Some of them you will enjoy reading, I'll bet. There's a variety. Comment on them (Sign in first!) and rate them, even email them to friends.

Until then!