Monday, August 31, 2009

Sloppy Joe as a Health Food???

Tough red meat cut into bite-sized pieces is what this recipe calls for.

You don't have to brown this meat, but you can. If you do, simply pour your favorite cooking oil into either a larger frying pan or one with higher sides that is as large in diameter as the fry pan, and move the meat around with a spatula, using medium to high heat. If you don't, just put the chunks of meat in the pot.

Peel a HEAD of jumbo garlic (Yes, you don't have to, no one will know in this recipe!) and put it in a blender. Pour in Lea and Perrins Woocestershire sauce. That is liquid in a paper-covered bottle, and is one of those things that you accept no substitute. Pour the black liquid just under the level of the garlic. 'Liquefy' is the setting to use, or the highest setting if it doesn't say 'liquefy.' If you are not using a blender, get the liquid and the solid as close to one entity as you can.

Pour this sludge over the meat. Stir for a while. When the heat has built up enough that you hear mating noises in the pan, pour burgundy wine high enough to cover all meat parts. Reduce the heat to simmer what is in the pot: probably low heat or just above. The wine should be nice and cheap, maybe from a jug. Keep an eye on your kingdom here: Test how soft the meat is getting. As long as it isn't soft, keep pouring the wine in over its head. It doesn't matter how much wine goes in - not a bit, or how long it takes to cook it down. Sooner or later, this mixture will become Sloppy Joe consistency.

This dish won't taste like garlic or Woostershire sauce, but it will be pungent. A little is filling.

This should be served over rice or noodles or buns. Steamed onions on top of it would be a palate-cleansing good thing.

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