Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Web site coming soon. News

You will be getting a nice long snail mail letter from me, if you haven't already. The calendars are getting ready to fly out the door too.

Sam at Self Growth is hatching our new web site. I am not the Official Tarot Guide at Self Growth, and that community will be sending traffic (people who want to talk to me, clients!) to the web site. Its address will be

A THIRD tractor trailer load of hay - dairy quality hay - is stacked in one-ton bales for the animals to enjoy all winter. They are fat and happy, sleek and sassy, thanks to YOU talking to me.

The llama have produced three little ones. Llama have a community and they are very openly sentimental: They all gather around the newly born and welcome him or her into the world and into their family. See their pictures on Facebook (Emily Sandstrom) among the other pictures of the place.

We have had to move all the elk into one pen; they had two. Earth tremors, tiny ones, have snapped 5-inch diameter fence poles, and stretched and ruined very heavy high-tensile wire. Replacing this fence will be a huge expense this coming year. The pen will be smaller because we aren't going to put the new poles where the disaster happened.

We discover an across-the-street neighbor, a scion of rural royalty, and a surly ill bred Fish and Game Officer have been calling the agency that regulates us, the Agricultural Department, and making up evil stories about us. They have not succeeded in doing any damage; in fact, they have established our credibility. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. The Agricultural Department are gentlemen.

More news later.