Monday, September 14, 2009

You and the Lottery Spirit: A Meeting of Minds

How to Win the Lottery

Trying to pick the winning number is going about it backasswards. This story is how to win in any type of gamble but of course it doesn't guarantee you will succeed any given incident. It may work for gambles in business and in getting away with your mischief, but I am less sure of that.

General Motors does not exist. Governments do not exist. They are on paper and they are in our heads but you can't say 'this is General Motors.' If we all woke up one morning and did not know what government was, there would be no government, until a thug got together with a bureaucrat and invented taxation. Likewise there is a lottery entity in mass consciousness, and this is as valid an entity as General Motors or a government.

Quite often people who win will say “I just knew this time I was going to win.” And people do things like blow on the dice.

You get in touch with The Lottery Spirit, who is probably related to the Muse. You address this entity and tell it to honor your choices. Instead of you getting the right number, the right number comes looking for you. Much cleaner. It doesn't work if you don't buy the ticket, though, or pull the lever.

Exactly how you get in touch with the Lottery Spirit is up to you. If you keep trying, the magic instant of connection may come to you, hopefully in a lottery that has a lovely payoff. But winning small ones is practice!

Try it, you have nothing to lose and it's fun. (If you win, send me a dollar!)

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